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This past Saturday, June 19th, I was honored to be the wedding coordinator for Karen and Mark’s wedding at Mt. Vernon Winery in Auburn.  What a beautiful location!  A real hidden gem if you ask me.  The winery, itself, has over 19 different wines and an adorable tasting room that I will have to go back and visit (and taste) soon.

The weather was sunny and a bit windy but otherwise very nice.  Karen and Mark really wanted a casually elegant and fun wedding with their close family and friends.  Approximately 60 guests were in attendance to witness their vows and celebrate with them afterwards.

Many thanks to all the hard-working vendors who made Karen and Mark’s special day FABULOUS!  Brandi Richards from Party Petals (flowers), Mary Ann Marshall from Baker’s Delight (cake), Chris Ore from The Sound Crew (DJ), Bill Foster from William Foster Photography, and Penguin’s Catering for their delicious food.  Also a very special thanks to Mt. Vernon Winery.  I would definitely love doing a wedding here again.

Here are some pictures that I took with my camera.  Hopefully I will have the professionals to show you soon but for now, my “less-than-photographic” abilities will have to do :).  Enjoy!

The Bride’s beautiful bouquet of burnt orange roses.

The ceremony with the beautifully decorated arch (thanks Brandi).

A close-up of the arch flowers…..pink, yellow, and orange lillies.

Some of the reception tables……yes, it was definitely windy (as you may notice with the “blowing” tablecloths).

A toast from the best man!

The wisteria arbor was the perfect place for the bar, the cake, and the buffet table.  We were able to use this wine barrel, provided by the winery, as our cake table.

The beautiful, and delicious, cake.


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Inspired by all those favors I made, I decided to surf the Kate Aspen website (www.kateaspen.com) for some inspiration and unique favor ideas. 

The first is a really cute favor box.  You could fill these silver “love” boxes with all sorts of delicious treats….chocolates, jelly beans, assorted candies, nuts…..the ideas are endless.  Do remember though, if your wedding is outside, you need to fill your favor boxes with an item that can withstand heat….basically, NO CHOCOLATE.  Jelly Bellies do hold up fairly well in the heat (I know….I did some extensive “scientific” testing for a client once by sitting some jelly bellies in the direct sun for about 4 hours).

For a winery themed wedding, how cool would these wine bottle stoppers be as favors??  These are solid chrome and come with coordinating tags that can be personalized.  I just love the design of these black and white boxes.  Very cool, yet very classy!!

Finally, for a beach themed wedding, these margarita mixes would be FABULOUS and so unique for favors.  Not only would they add a fun touch to your tables, but they would be a HUGE hit with your guests!  For a non-alcoholic option, I did notice they also had lemonade and raspberry ice tea mixes.  Too cute!

Take some time to explore more of the Kate Aspen website for some really unique favor ideas.  Until next Friday, I hope you enjoyed my favorite things!

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That’s me all right!  Yesterday, I was busy making the favors for Karen and Mark’s wedding this Saturday.  It’s funny how 17 years ago, it seemed like it took me FOREVER to make 175 favors for my own wedding.  I spent every waking hour between classes tying ribbons around Hershey’s Kisses wrap in peach colored tulle circles.  Ocassionally, I even managed to bribe an “unsuspecting” roommate or two to help. 

These days though, I get quite a bit of practice at making favors for clients, so the time it takes me is much less than it was all those years ago.  I can easily make a couple hundred favors in one day and for this wedding, 50 favors was a breeze in one afternoon.  Many brides find making favors to be tedious and time-consuming, but for me, I LOVE it!  I find it to be fun and creative, even relaxing.

Karen and Mark’s favor are really cute.  She found these adorable boxes from Kate Aspen which I filled with Jelly Bellies.  Then I placed a label (which she was able to personalize) on the front of the box, slipped the outer sleeve over it, and tied a ribbon around the box for a really adorable presentation.  These are going to look perfect on the guest tables!

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This week’s edition of Favorite Things Friday focuses on an old saying…..something old, some thing new, something borrowed, and something blue.  Well, this weeks favorite things were from the last part of that good luck wedding saying…..something blue.  I found so many cute and adorable “blue things” during my “google” adventures and here are a few of my finds.

First, maybe you are a bit traditional, but blue isn’t exactly your wedding color.  Perhaps keeping that blue a bit more hidden is the option for you.  Many brides (myself included) keep their blue hidden by wearing a blue garter under their gowns.  Here is a cute garter set that I found at GetMarried.com.  It has one to keep and one to throw.

What if your something blue was actually your bridal shower theme.  This guest book that I also found on GetMarried.com inspired me to think of this.  How fun would it be….all the decorations were blue, you could serve signature cocktails in blue, etc.  I think it would be a really unique spin on this tradition and a theme like this would appeal to all the generations of women whom were invited.

Finally, for all of you out there who would take this tradition seriously, here is something to inspire that.  These elegant favor boxes I found at Brides.com are just perfect for a classy “something blue” wedding reception.  I love the combination of this turquoise blue with the chocolate brown.  How cool is that?!  I can just imagine beautiful linens in these colors, perhaps a rich chocolate brown table cloth with accents of turquoise.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks favorite things!

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I just love when a couple has gone the extra mile to add personal touches to their wedding decor.  No this does not mean simply adding your name and monogram to all napkins, menu cards, etc., though those simple touches can really dress up a room.  Adding special, personal family photos and items to your decor can make your wedding much more meaningful and unique, and help you to honor those special family members in your life.

What if you made a collage of photos from when you and your fiance were young…..photos from your childhood or photos from your “dating” years.  Imagine the fun (and most likely a few laughs) your guests would have during the cocktail hour viewing the photos and remembering your past.  Along the same line,  consider placing wedding photos from various family members (parents/grandparents) in frames and placing those on the guestbook table.  That is a wonderful way to honor those special family members whose marriages have perhaps been an inspiration to you.

Other ways to personalize your wedding is think “something borrowed”.  Perhaps it’s using your parents’ cake knife that they used on their wedding day or placing your grandparents’ antique cake topper on your cake.  Maybe it’s your aunt’s beautiful antique lace tablecloth that adds that perfect touch to your guestbook or cake tables.  The ideas are endless!  For bridal showers, bridesmaid luncheon,  and even small/intimate weddings, consider using your mother or grandmother’s fine china that has graced many a holiday table.  For me, it simply doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving or Christmas without the “special dishes” as my siblings and I referred to them when we were children, and I’m sure those feelings apply to many of you too.  Wearing a piece of heirloom jewelry (like grandma’s diamond necklace or your mother’s pearl earings) is something else you can do.

There are so many ways to make your wedding day feel personalized and special.  If you think of any, please feel free to share.  I would love to hear them!

Happy Planning!

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