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I receive lots and lots of trade magazines.  Of course, in those magazines I find many things that inspire me.  This week, I was looking through one particular magazine and came across this advertisement for a company called Fancy Faces from Covington, LA.  Because I was so taken by the tablescape in their ad, that it is the focus of my favorite things this week.

I am in LOVE with this monochromatic design.  The yellows are so pretty and contemporary.  I think what makes this design work so well is the different textures that they used giving the eye something exciting to look at.  The lemons in the tall vases are really cool and add vertical color to the design.  I also love the simplicity of the roses, with no greenery, in the lower vases.  The butterflies add a whimsical touch but don’t overwhelm the design with “cuteness”.  The paper lanterns help bring the color all the way to the ceiling and add some fun to the overall look.  The linens are very simple probably using the venue’s white tablecloths.  Buy adding the yellow runner and simply draping the napkins down the side of the table, it adds contemporary drama without a lot of extra money.  I think I will have to go visit their website to see what other inspiring designs they have.

Happy Planning!


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When numbering your reception tables, why settle for the same old number “tent” card?  A little creativity can add a really great personal touch to each of your tables.  A fun idea to consider, during your engagement photo session, having the photographer take pictures of you and your fiancé holding up wooden numbers (1 through however many tables you have).  Then frame each of these pictures and place the frame on the table.  Much more fun and creative than the boring old tent card.

Another personal touch is to add pictures of you and your fiancé that correspond to the table number.  For example, on table number 1, place an assortment of pictures of you and your fiance at age one.  Table number two…..two year old pictures, and so on and so forth.  That will really get your guests talking and even serve as an “ice breaker” for tables mates who don’t know each other quite so well.

My most recent couple decided to name their tables instead of numbering them.  They chose places and things that held huge signficance in their lives.  For example, in this picture below, the table is named the Forest Hill Bridge.  This is where the groom proposed to the bride.


Along the table name line, one of my clients is celebrating her Bat Mitvah next month.  The theme for the reception is theater since she is very into plays and musicals.  So for the table names, we are using the names of her favorite plays and musicals, many of which she has acted in.  Each name is being printed out to look like the front of a playbill and will be placed in frames on the tables.

If your budget is tight, consider incorporating your table numbers into your centerpieces.  Think of something like those little white trees you see at Easter time (all branches no leaves) and hanging little numbers from the branches.  You could easily cut the numbers from cardstock and then add some embossing powder or glitter to them.  A ribbon hanger in your wedding colors adds the perfect touch.  Sprinkle some rose petals around the table and add votive candles for a finished and elegant look that doesn’t break the bank.

Just remember, don’t settle for the “same old, same old” when it comes to numbering your tables.  A little creativity can really make your wedding stand out from the rest!

Happy Planning!


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While sifting through the pile of magazines in Kaiser’s waiting room this week, I came across the latested issue of Better Homes and Garden.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the fabulous and really cool centerpiece on the front cover:


 Here is the URL in for a more close-up picture (I could only get the picture to post so big on my blog): http://www.bhg-digital.com/bhg/200910#pg1

I just LOVE the colors in this centerpiece.  It’s that tangerine orange and lime green color combination that I’m so drawn to.  Yet, it’s done in a somewhat understated way to make it fit perfectly for a Fall theme.  And all those different textures really add visual interest.  These centerpieces would make a HUGE statement for very little impact to your budget.  I really see something like this working perfectly on long banquet tables (several all lined up down the middle of the table).

How perfect would something like this look for a Fall wedding or party?! 

Happy Planning!


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My latest issue of Modern Bride (Oct/Nov) arrived in the mail today.  As usual, I tossed aside the bills and junk mail and immediately starting devouring the magazine.  Right away an article caught my eye and I just had to read it.  The name of the article was called What it Really Costs to DIY.  It was about a bride who did most of her major vendors work as DIY projects.  She made her own floral arrangements and wedding cake.  No DJ but a play list instead.  Things like this.  She seemed to think that she save tons of money, but as a professional wedding planner, I knew better.

Let’s start with the stationery.  She spent about $650 on her stationary.  Immediately I thought to myself, but I know professionals who could have made those for her, for less money.  And, she wouldn’t have dealt with frustrating printer jams and the trouble of ordering new stationery when the first batch was the wrong color.

The same with the cake and flowers.  By the time it was all said and done, she spent $350 on cake supplies and $1400 on flowers and supplies.  I know a professional who could have made a cake and even delivered it for what she paid, without all the hassle.  The same with the flowers.  I know several floral designers who could have worked within her budget and made her some amazing arrangements and bouquets.  In the end, she seemed a bit disappointed in how her DIY flowers turned out.  A floral designer knows where to get the best flowers and how to make them look fabulous!  Plus, there is no stress on the bride’s part in those all important and hectic few days before the wedding.

The other two vendors, DJ and photographer, she certainly did save some of money but at what cost.  I’ve mentioned this in previous posts but not having a good DJ at your reception is a recipe for disaster.  This bride did mention that there were awkward pauses between songs.  Also, who was making the announcements?  Trust me, just because a person can talk does not mean they are a good emcee.

I think the DIY photography scares me the most.  After all is said and done, the flowers are wilted and the dress is put away, the pictures are what you take with you (oh, and your new spouse too 🙂 ).  But seriously, the photograpy is what you have to preserve the memories of your very special day.  If you have a professional photographer as a friend or family member, then that’s great.  But most of us don’t have that.  Even this bride mentions that she was worried so she gave her SLR camera to a friend as a back-up.  She also admitted that most of the photos on the disposible cameras were not very good.  I usually warn my clients against putting the disposable cameras on tables because of this very reason.  I haven’t found one person yet who was happy with how those pictures turned out.  Those things cost the author $120, which she could have either pocketed or put towards something else.  In the end, it sounds like she was happy with the pictures that both her family member and friend took but honestly, she took a big risk!

Someone reading this might think I’m against DIY wedding projects altogether and I’m actually  not.  I am so excited when I have a creative bride who can add some wonderful personal touches to her wedding and I strongly encourage it.  I recently had a bride who made some great looking decoupage candle holder/lanterns to line the ceremony aisle and they were a huge hit.  In fact, as I was setting up the ceremony, another couple came through to do a tour of the venue and the bride-to-be LOVED them.  DIY projects like this can give your wedding a personal and unique touch.  The creative person in me is always doing lots of DIY stuff for my own parties, around my own home, or for gifts at Christmas, etc.  But when I read this article, I just kept saying to myself, “For the money she spent, I could have found a professional to do that, without all the hassle.” 

The moral of this story is pick and choose your wedding DIY’s carefully.  Really research the costs, time, effort, and consequences before deciding to go the DIY route for your major vendors.  You only do this once and there are no do-overs or rewinding on wedding day.

Happy Planning!


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These days, wedding budgets are getting tighter and tighter.  We are all having to make do with less.  So how can you still have a beautiful wedding without the “bridal magazine wedding” budget.  My favorite decorating secret is candles….LOTS of candles!

Candles add two things to a room…..sparkle and drama!  A candle lit room is very romantic and amazing.  Just think how beautiful your evening reception will look with the lights dimmed low and a room full of candle light.  I especially like to combine them with my other favorite decorating secret….rose petals.  Rose petals can add a beautiful floral element to your decor for very little cost.  It’s amazing what you can do with the combination of these two items.  For example, in the picture below, we placed a pillar candle (with cover) on top of a round mirror.  They we sprinkled a thick layer of pink rose petals around the edge of the mirror and added a few more votive candles on the outside of the ring.  It looked amazing and these centerpieces were extremely inexpensive!


Another creative way to use rose petals, in combination with candles, is to put 2 rose petals in the bottom of a votive candle holder.  Then put a tea light in the holder.  Place a group or line of votives on a table and lightly sprinkle more rose petals around the candles.  The look is really dramatic and edgy!


Mixing and matching different colors of candle holders is also a great look.


Candles, along with rose petals, can dress up an otherwise dull and boring cake table.  In the picture below, we put a thick half circle of pink rose petals around the cake and then added votive candles for more drama and sparkle. 


In this next picture, we just went wild with candles.  Candles on the tables, candles in the fountains, candles hanging in the floral centerpieces.  The affect is really fabulous and this outdoor reception really sparkled and glowed!


Just remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune on your candles and holders.  Think Dollar stores, Target, Walmart, even consignment shops.  You can find amazingly inexpensive holders at these places that will add so much to your wedding decor for very little money.

Happy Planning!


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Flowers add so much to your wedding day.  I just love how they can instantly transform a space!  However, while you may have million dollar dreams, reality is that you are on a much tighter budget.  What can you do to make the most of your floral budget?

First, I’m sure this has been said a thousand times but I will say it again……BUY IN SEASON FLOWERS! 🙂  I’m telling you this makes a huge difference.  Don’t expect that tulips in September are going to be cheap.  Red roses around Valentine’s day……forget it unless you want to pay a premium.

Next, consider keeping your bridal party small.  The cost for bouquets and boutonnieres adds up quickly.  Also, consider simple, elegant designs for your bridal party flowers.

Invest your money in the most photographed floral piece, the bride’s bouquet.  This will be in nearly every picture and that’s where you want your money to be spent.


Invest more in reception flowers and less in ceremony flowers.  Your guests will spend a 1/2 hour, maybe 1 hour, tops, at the ceremony location.  The remaining 4-5 hours will be spent at the reception.  If you can’t afford big and elaborate floral arrangments for your tables, consider something, small and sweet.  Fill out the center of the table with lots of candles.


Less is more.  It looks so pretty when each chair or pew end has a beautiful floral piece on it.  However, the cost for this can add up very quickly.  Consider only doing every other chair end or even every third chair end.  It will still have the same dramatic effect, but with half the cost.

Repurpose flowers as much as possible.  In one case we used these pomander balls for the ceremony chair ends.  When the ceremony ended, we reused them for the reception by inverting them onto a vase and placed them on the head table (see picture below).  It looked great!  Consider using your larger pieces on the guest book table, the buffet table, or any other place that might need some filling in.


Finally, if floral centerpieces still don’t fit into your budget, you can still have that floral element represented.  Rose petals are indeed a budget’s best friend.  Build up drama in the center with a beautiful candleabra, sprinkle rose petals around it, and finish off with votive candles nestled among the petals.  It’s a very simple but really elegant look.

Happy Planning!

Karen 🙂

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